SSP (Silicon Solution Partners) provides complete infrastructure support services to accelerate IC chip/system solution startups with “Benefits in-kind” partners, Agencies/Tertiary Institutions and Equity partners as follows:

  • Benefit in-kind” partners to provide all the supporting tools, supply chain manufacturing process development/deployments, logistics, lab/office spaces and product endorsement
  • Agencies/Tertiary Institutions to provide technical and startup co-share funding support.
  • Equity partners to provide financial and infrastructure support to Startups
  • Establish collaboration and business  linkup with Global Partners

Our business goal for Startups is to minimize upfront CAPEX expenditure and minimum OpsEx as incurred by each startup with the deployment of shared resources and manpower support, to achieve maximum ROI. We will seek, recruit and accelerate startups with Mentorship support to meet spin-off criteria within 3 to 5 yrs time frame

Equity Investors will be able to leverage on maximizing and spreading their pool of investment portfolio to endorse more startups and achieve a higher ROI.



SSP Biz Model

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